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Things to Consider Before Calling for a Tow

Jun 2


It's likely that you're looking forward to having your car towed when you determine it is necessary. However, there are some things you need to do prior to making a call to a Tampa towing company.

1. Think about your geographical area

If your car doesn't start, you can give it to a friend or park it in a parking garage. If your vehicle is stuck on the road or on the street, you should get it out as quickly as you can.


2. Towing Company and Roadside Assistance

It is possible that you are compelled to contact your insurance company first in case you require roadside assistance. But, it could be more cost-effective to call a towing company. It is possible that you will be required to pay for roadside assistance, therefore you should only call them in an emergency. The account holder is the only one who has the right to receive roadside assistance. If you ride in another vehicle, your coverage is not applicable.


3. Safety first

Switch on your hazard lights and engage the emergency brake when you're in a hazardous spot, such as a highway or street. Be sure that you and your passengers are in the safety of a safe place to get help, and then sit and wait until the tow truck arrives.


4. Photographs

Photograph any injuries that may have occurred from an accident. It's a good idea to take multiple photos from different angles. It's also a good idea to snap pictures of vehicles. It is essential to document any damage in case of insurance and also in the event of legal or civil issues.


5. Contact Your Insurance Company

It is important to determine if your insurance will pay for towing. Towing may not be included in your insurance.


6. Choose Which Towing Company To Call

If your insurance provider does not recommend which company you should contact You can conduct some research. If you find reviews and information about the company, you'll be able to make a decision.


7. Ask For An Estimate

Find out how much towing will cost you. The distance that can be to be towable and the cost that is set by the business will determine the cost. If your insurance company doesn't cover the cost, you need to understand the cost.


8. Questions regarding the Towing Method

There are two main ways to tow cars chains and hooks, in which your vehicle is towed and towed into the garage. Flatbeds are where your vehicle is lifted up onto the truck and then driven into the garage. Flatbeds are safer for your car and will not cause damage. If you're given the option flatbeds are superior to nothing.


9. Choose the Town in which you want to keep Your Car Town

It is your responsibility to decide where your vehicle is going to be towed. If you live near the vehicle, it might be necessary for it to be transported to your home. If your vehicle is suffering from an issue with its mechanical, you may need it town to an auto garage. You may also ask your towing company for recommendations for mechanics when you're in a foreign area. The company may be able to assist in this area.


10. Get all important documents and other valuables out of your vehicle

Be sure to remove all important documents, including valuables prior to your vehicle being able to be towable. It is not a good option to keep valuable objects in your vehicle, even though most towing companies are trustworthy. There's also the time you must wait for the truck to arrive. It's likely that you won't pay for the car every second.


11. You will receive a Receipt.

It is essential to get an acknowledgment from the towing firm indicating the amount, time, and service offered. This receipt will be helpful to your insurance company for evidence of the charges. Keep a copy of the charge. Send it to your insurance company.

These guidelines will help you obtain the service you desire and avoid future problems. But, it's important to follow the steps correctly. The insurance company you have with you does not have to pay for towing. This isn't an easy problem to navigate. Before taking action make time to consider your alternatives.

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